Based in Mountain Brook, Alabama. 

Mother of 6, Wife, Photographer, Artist, Gardener, Kitty-Mama.

Full time photographer accepting very select photoshoots.

I take your photo. I make you look good. You pay me.

My style is either light and dreamy or dark and moody, but never trendy. I shoot everything with a fashion feel to it. 

Shoots with: Hasselblad (film & digital) & Canon Mark III. Lights with: God's light or Broncolor. 

Available for travel if the place is really cool and if you promise to feed me really well.

Photographs are hand edited by myself; good things take time, please be patient & understanding while I'm perfecting our finished art.

Also the cat whisperer at Kalai's Scottish Folds Boutique.  www.scottish-folds.com

Artist at kalaik.com for art and handmade gifts.