To book your photo shoot a 30% deposit is required to be added to the calendar.

I can edit a little or give you a third eye if you like--please just let me know what you'd like.  ;-)



Fashion  $1000 +


$1000 +

Model Portfolios  $1000 

Model Portfolios


Beauty Headshots

$600 +

Boudoir & Intimate Liaison  $600 + 1000

Boudoir & Intimate Liaison

$600 + 1000

Engagements  $1000



Bridal Couture   $1000

Bridal Couture 


Weddings   *No Longer Booking Weddings*   $4000 


*No Longer Booking Weddings*


Births  $600 +


$600 +

Anniversary Photoshoot  $600 +

Anniversary Photoshoot

$600 +

Children  $600 +


$600 +

Events by Hour  $300 +

Events by Hour

$300 +

Retouching  $15 +


$15 +

Vendors & Other Talent

I do not believe in competition, I believe in supporting fellow artists & believe that God supplies plenty of artistry opportunities for all. 

For Newborns, please contact Melissa Wells or Amy Pate

For Seniors, please contact Nick at Project Nine Five

While I do photograph select events, I also recommend Nik Layman & Andi Rice

For Videography, please contact Nik Layman or Clay Carroll

For Hair & Makeup, I have a vendor list I can provide, also look at GLOW

For a Stylist, please contact Francesca Nelo

For Venues & DJs & Florists, I have a vendor list I can provide

Other amazingly talented photographers in the Birmingham area in case I do not meet your needs:

Chuck St. John, Eric Dejuan, Arden Upton, Liesa Cole, Andrea Orr, Lisa Rosato, Angela Karen & many more.