Sean Connery "PePe"

Sean Connery "PePe"

 Queen Victoria's Kitten

Queen Victoria's Kitten

Interested in a Scottish Fold?

*Our kittens are very high in demand. A 30% deposit is to required to secure your future kitten.

**Please NOTE, the deposit is NON REFUNDABLE. It is ONLY refundable if we cannot supply your kitten within the promised time, not if you change your mind or buy a kitty elsewhere. Requests for refunds will not be answered if we have not failed to fulfill our end. ** 

If you are selecting 2 kittens, we accept 40% in lieu of 60% to hold both. They are spoken for long before they are born and you must be patient while waiting for your dream kitten. If you choose to not select a kitten from the litters this year, you may choose from the litters in 2018. The waiting list can carry into the following year if the buyer does not choose a kitten and the spot may move up if previous buyer chooses to wait. It is up to the buyer when to choose their dream kitten.  

**Kittens must be spayed or neutered on or before their 9th month Birthday and a vet proof of spay/neuter must be supplied. They must never breed or be bred.**



We are very selective about the families we allow our kittens to join. Please understand this is our way to protect them and ensure they have a long and happy life. You must fill out an Application (located on Application page) before being considered to be added to our Wait List.

They are not allowed outdoors or any contact whatsoever with other animals that may harm them. If you own a dog, it must be gentle and not aggressive in any way. Believe it or not, sweet Fluffy might "play" the cat to death; not all dogs mean to kill. They are to never to be de-clawed at any point. A contract must be signed in order to add our kitten to your family. A vet references must be supplied.

  • Scottish Fold Kitten ears will begin to fold from 4-6 weeks (we will not confirm their ears before this).

  • They will receive their 1st round of vaccinations at 6-8 weeks of age, once they are old & strong enough to handle the toxins; some kittens have adverse reactions to the toxins so we try to be very very careful of what we allow into their tiny and fragile bodies.

  • They will be available to join their forever home once they are completely weaned and eating solid foods. (Per their veterinarian's recommendation that they are old enough to leave.)

  • We can ONLY ship them on a DIRECT flight from our airport BHM to yours in COOL months. We prefer that you fly or drive to pick up your Scott in person, but we may ship if it is the ONLY choice but we will NEVER ship in warm or hot months, this is not good for kitty.

  • We can meet you at the Atlanta airport with gas expenses paid if that is more convenient for your itinerary. Please select a carrier that will fit on your lap and under your seat if flying.

  • We prefer cash or money order upon picking up your kitten.

Prices for your TICA registered kitten are: 
Folded Ear: $1,500-2,000
Straight Ear: $950-1,100
Deposit: 30% (NON-Refundable unless we are unable to supply your kitten within the promised time. It is deducted from the final price of kitten upon picking up kitten.)
(Please specify which sex, ear & father you're requesting with payment.)

We accept Paypal, Check, Money Order or Cash. **If using Paypal, please add Paypal's 3% fee to the totals or use Friends & Family within Paypal. We do not get Paypal's fees, Paypal takes that from our payments.**