Please be aware of the many dangers that you cat is susceptible to. Please do not believe the companies who we believe are lying to the public to keep their sales up. Please be aware of plants, cleaners and air fresheners.

When in doubt, please put your product into EWG’s Database and see the ingredients and toxicity levels. If it is lower than a B, we do not have it in our home around our children and animals.

Fragrances are extremely toxic to cats: Febreeze, Air Fresheners, Fabric Softeners, Sprays, Oils, Diffusers, Fragrant Lotions, Perfumes..etc.

Please, Please, Please Do NOT use these in your home if you have a cat; a nice smell is not worth a sick or dying cat. :-(

Below are studies on the matter and please choose to be safe than sorry when it comes to your sweet pet.

Foods to keep away from your pet:

CLEANING SUPPLIES, BUG SPRAYS, LAWN SPRAYS, FLEA MEDICATION…etc are very toxic to your cat. Please read the list and keep them away from anywhere your cat may walk, lie, lick or breathe the air: