We are Boutique style and have very limited kittens. We try very hard to raise loving, kind, trusting and wonderfully sweet Scotty Babies to join your family. 

We only allow Queen Elizabeth (Mama Kitty), Queen Anabelle (Pooksa), Queen Victoria (FeFe) & Queen Diana  to be bred no more than 1 time a year, thus our kittens will always remain very few. Our kittens are part of our family and roam around the house, sleep in bed with us and are taught home manners and to love and be loved. They are raised around small children, however, the children know how to respect and be very gentle with animals. We do not allow our children to chase, poke, pull tails or be mean to animals in any way, so our kittens are raised extremely trusting and relaxed. Please be sure any children in contact with your new kitten has been taught how to be around animals properly. They have NOT been around dogs of any kind. 

We are very selective about the families we allow our kittens to join. Please understand this is our way to protect them and ensure they have a long and happy life. **We now have an application that will send before adding kitty owners to our waiting list.**

*Our kittens are very high in demand. A 30% deposit is to required to secure your future kitten. *Kitten choice is based on first deposit, first pick of the litter. *PLEASE NOTE The deposit is non-refundable. It it used to maintain the health and care of the kittens. Due to insincere buyers: Deposits are ONLY refunded if we are unable to supply you a kitten within the promised time frame. Deposits are NOT refunded if you find another cat elsewhere or just change your mind. We accept check, cash, money order or paypal. ** If you are selecting 2 kittens, we accept 40% in lieu of 60% to hold both. If you are requesting 2 kittens, you will be added to top 2 spots by your spot; we love for them to stay together. They are spoken for long before they are born and you must be patient while waiting for your dream kitten. If you choose to not select a kitten from the litters this year, you may choose from the litters in the following year. The waiting list can carry into the following year if the buyer does not choose a kitten and the spot may move up if previous buyer chooses to wait. It is up to the buyer when to choose their dream kitten. Our cats are from excellent bloodlines and very loving & beautiful. The parents are DNA tested before we acquire them.

**Kittens must be spayed or neutered on or before their 9th month Birthday and a vet proof of spay/neuter must be supplied.**

They are not allowed outdoors or any contact whatsoever with other animals that may harm them. If you own a dog, it must be gentle and not aggressive in any way. They are to never to be de-clawed at any point. A kitten agreement must be signed in order to add our kitten to your family. A vet references must be supplied.

  • Scottish Fold Kitten ears will begin to fold from 4-8 weeks (we will not confirm their ears before this. **Please read below about Scottish Fold Ears--Important!).
  • They will be available to join their forever home once they are completely weaned and eating solid foods. (Per their veterinarian's recommendation that they are old enough to leave.) At about 14-16 weeks of age.
  • You may travel to Birmingham to pick up your baby Fold. Or we will meet you at the Atlanta Airport with gas expenses paid ($50). 

Prices for your TICA registered kitten are: 
Folded Ear: Sire: Billy Connolly-$1,500, Sean Connery-$2,000, Gerald Butler-$2,500
Straight Ear: Sire: Billy Connolly-$950, Sean Connery-$1,100, Gerald Butler-$1,500
Deposit: 30% 
(Please specify which sex, ear & Sire/Dam kittens you're requesting with payment.)

***Please read about Scottish Folds and their Ears:***

Scottish Fold kittens are not born with folded ears. The ears start to fold about the 21st day (or not at all). There are several factors which can lift or even unfold the ears of a Scottish Fold (I noticed this especially with the females), among which are heat, stress, illness, pregnancy and cycling of the cat. This is totally out of the breeder's control.
But remember: Even if the cat's ears unfold, the genotype (Fd fd) does not change!!! Genetically the cat will always be a Fold. Under no circumstances a Scottish Fold who lifted its ears may be mated with another Scottish Fold!  (Source 1)

The degree of fold can change beyond 11 or 12 weeks; some become full fold (triple fold ) some change to (double fold) and other change to single fold and this may look like straight ear although it is considered single fold.

We LOVE to get updates on your kitten in their new home & like to add them to our social media & website.


Feeding & Caring for Your New Scott

Just like us, animals need proper nutrients to thrive. I do not recommend feeding your Scott products full of toxins (brands found at Walmart or the like) and try to stay as all natural and organic as I can. 

Here are reviews on cat food: http://www.reviews.com/cat-food/

I use Chewy.com for all of our pet needs; they offer free 1-2 day shipping over $49 & offer Auto-ship as well.

Their current dry foodhttps://www.chewy.com/taste-wild-rocky-mountain-grain-free/dp/34263

Current wet food: https://www.chewy.com/wellness-complete-health-kitten/dp/34455

Supplements/Vitamins* VERY Important: The wonderful people at Kitty Bloom offer fabulous vitamins for our cats: http://www.dogbloom.com/store/p19/Kitty_Bloom_VM_900_3.html If they become stressed or seem nervous or their immunities need a boost: http://www.dogbloom.com/store/p17/Kitty_Bloom_Super_Lysine.html

*However, I am always researching the healthiest brands for my cats; this might change if data has changed.*

Litters: https://www.chewy.com/ever-clean-extra-strength-unscented/dp/103425

Shampoo: https://www.chewy.com/tropiclean-luxury-2-in-1-papaya/dp/40673 or https://www.chewy.com/richards-organics-moisturizing/dp/43603

Play: Cats need to play and love to explore. We keep this cat tree by our windows and they love it. It helps save the furniture & has plenty of areas for them to sharpen their claws. :https://www.chewy.com/gopetclub-72-inch-cat-tree-beige/dp/101916

Toys: https://www.chewy.com/petstages-tower-tracks-cat-toy-10/dp/126531

Catnip: https://www.chewy.com/yeowwworganic-catnip-2-oz-tub/dp/130530 (they LOVE catnip)

Catnip holder: https://www.chewy.com/kong-refillable-beaver-catnip-cat/dp/47834




(source 1) http://users.telenet.be/tayscherrymoon/English/03%20Scottish%20Fold/Breeding%20Practice.html


Scottish Fold Kittens (Sold)

Sire: Sean "Connery" Scottish Fold

"PePe Le Pew" Because he's sooooo loving.

of LivelyCat from Russia

He has been DNA tested and is PDK negative.

Black Silver Shaded SFS ns 11

DOB: 08-03-2016

Father: Cesar Von Baden-Wurttemberg, Mother: Amelia Fresh Wind

Queen: Diana British Shorthair

DOB: 09-26-2017

Breeding early 2019

*Accepting Deposits for their kittens April 01, 2018

Sire: Billy "Connolly"  Scottish Fold

From: Starlas Texas, Dad: Tzarkhan Lover Boy of Starlas, Mom: Muse London Fog of Starlas

DOB: 02/09/2015

He is from a wonderful breeder who ensures her cats are FeLV and FIV negative, as well as DNA tested PKD free.

Snapshots from around the house:

Queen: Queen Elizabeth British Shorthair

Silver Shaded, Eye: Yellow/Copper

From: Cheshire Cat Lady Seattle, Mother: Cheshirelady Quenevere Varinia, Father: Schoenveg Geromo Gross

DOB: 05/12/2014

Snapshots from around the house:

Queen: Queen Victoria British Shorthair Tortie

From: Arabella Britz Mother: Brigattos My Meranda of AraBella 

Father: Brigattos Dr. Jekyll of AraBella (Voted 2013 Best Chocolate Smoke British Shorthair of the year.) 

DOB 02-06-16

Dam: Queen Anabella Scottish Straight 

of Livelycat from Russia

Black Silver Shaded

DOB: 06-15-2016


Kitten photos from their new parents & snapshots:

Kitten Pedigree